Ubitrix Inc. is a global mobile and web application development company established in 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the goal of building efficient, affordable and functional mobile applications for healthcare domains. Since its founding, Ubitrix has created, in addition to mobile health apps, a number of mobile and web projects that go beyond healthcare to areas including mobile marketing, online services, consumer devices and applications, and many others.

As experts in mobile healthcare applications, our strengths lie in security, privacy, and experience in developing safe and trustworthy applications. We prioritize the design of premium user interfaces and focus on creating an optimal user experience. As a result, our customers report high satisfaction with our products.

Our customers come to us with an idea for a product, and we work with their concept, budget, timeline, and requirements for service in order to build applications that exceed expectations.

We are inspired by innovation and want to offer that value to improve the health of people, the workflow and efficiency of professionals, and the technological tools for researchers. Because we started our journey in a research lab we always try to bring cutting edge technology and the modern marvel of research to every corner of the world. UBITRIX is solely focused on medical and health based projects with a mission to improve the quality of life of people at every level. Improving lives is our primary profit. UBITRIX is highly experienced with medical and health based projects.

We work closely with research labs and health professionals. Our customers come to us with a problem they know can be solved by technology. We provide the innovation and technological assets, creating platforms, mobile applications, and software solutions so they can work productively, efficiently, and with state-of-the-art tools.


Ubitrix Inc. is committed to providing customers and clients with mobile and web applications for healthcare as well as other domains that employ cutting edge technology, provide creative solutions to problems based on research and analytical workflow, and crafting premium user experiences through our products.


mobile applications


Ubitrix specializes in mobile and web application development employing a number of leading technologies that help your company grow and take a step for new challenges.

experience in mobile app design


Our teams have the right combination of experience in development with research in the latest technologies to increase your productivity and customer reach.

app development process


We are experienced with the entire software development cycle from gathering requirements to development, testing, deployment, and support.

problem solving


We can help you with design information, enterprise architecture, and consultancy for improving business information flow.

web service and support


Ubitrix also provides web services including server preparation and configuration, security and privacy, and data backup services.

out sourcing for clients


Ubitrix specializes in mobile and web application development employing a number of leading technologies and support.

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